Bug Boxes - Do's and Don'ts!

Bugs may not seem like the type of creatures you would want to keep in your garden, but like anything on this earth, they have an important purpose in keeping the ecosystem going round. When it comes to your garden, they make for a great addition, so it is only fitting that you would consider creating a comfortable and a nourishing habitat where bugs can live.

If you are thinking about placing a bug home in your own garden, make sure that you look for a sunny sheltered spot amongst flowers and shrubbery, to give the best home for bugs.

Easy solutions

One of the simplest things to do is to take a couple of bamboo canes of other types of twigs and bundling them together. Place the bundle on the ground or hang it from a low tree branch and bugs will soon start to make a home there. You can also try to fill the bamboo canes with dry leaves and other type of vegetation in order to make the environment damper and better suited for the bugs.

Not all bugs like the same type of home

Just like other animals, not all bugs like the same type of home. For instance, ladybugs prefer to hibernate in dead wood, so you can make use of this sort of material in order to create a habitat for them. If you do not have such wood handy, you can buy store made homes that mimic the texture of dead wood. Ladybugs are important to have in your garden since they are efficient in keeping aphids under control.

Lacewings need a more complicated habitat since they are particularly sensitive to cold weather. In this respect, they benefit the most from a chambered box where they can hibernate until the spring. Other, more common insects like twigs, sticks and canes. If, on the other hand, you are thinking of attracting some bumblebees and red masons, then maybe you should think of more complicated designs.

One important thing to remember is to keep these homes as spread out in your garden as possible. Creating accommodation places for bugs may seem like a child’s play, but it is far from being so. With concerns about the United Kingdom’s eco system on the growth, even the little and small creatures, like bugs and insects, are getting the attention that they need. Try to set up such habitats for bugs in your garden in order to make a small yet meaningful difference.

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