Make a Difference to Wildlife Preservation with Bird Boxes.

Read on to learn how to make a difference to wildlife preservation with bird boxes.

The native birds of the United Kingdom have had to suffer on account of the destruction of their natural environment. Attractors like shelter, food, water and space have greatly been reduced in gardens as well, but there are some ways in which people in the United Kingdom can attract wild birds to their gardens again.

If done in a conscious and responsible way, attracting birds does not cost too much money, does not imply the use of too much effort and will end up benefiting not only the birds, but you as well.

Creating a suitable habitat

The more inviting and welcoming you make the habitat for the birds, the more birds will come and enjoy what you have created for them. The advantage of creating habitat for birds is that you can think vertically and not only horizontally, thus there is far more space to use than you would imagine.

Space and shelter are two essential things to have in mind. You can one or multiple bird boxes that will encourage birds to stay in the garden or even to meet there. There are are gardens where birds have been living for entire generations, and you can easily create this scenario in your own garden as well.

Bird boxes and nest boxes

Depending on the type of birds living in your area, there are some things that you have to take under consideration. For instance, some birds prefer to live close together, so you will have to place the boxes as nearly as possible. On the other hand, some birds, especially birds of prey, are more territorial, so placing the boxes close one to the other is not a good idea. If you are fortunate enough to have a large garden with tall trees, you can mix it up and place bird boxes with different entrance sizes. In this way a great variety of birds will soon find shelter in the habitat you have created.

Where should you place them?

As a rule of the thumb, remember not to place the bird box in a place exposed to powerful wind or to the direct rays of the sun. Also, make sure that you are placing them in more secluded and quieter parts of the garden. For instance, if you live near a heavily trafficked road, make sure to place the boxes as far from the road as possible. Birds are usually looking for quiet places, so make sure that you take this aspect under consideration. Another important thing to remember is to place the box at least 1.5 m above from the ground in order to protect the birds from different predators that may bring harm to the birds.

Once the birds have moved in the habitat you have created, you would have done your part in making sure that an important part of the UK’s wildlife is being preserved. More so, you will enchanted on a daily basis by the sweet sound of bird song.

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