Wooden Wine Bottle Bird Feeders

The idea for our wooden wine bottle bird feeders came after Gail and I  were sitting in the garden sipping on a glass of wine and watching the birds in the surrounding trees. 

After a couple of glasses of wine and a conversation about this being our favourite way to pass some time, an idea started to form! The idea continued over the next week or so as we sat in the garden in the early evenings, sipping a glass of wine and watching the birds. 

When placing the empty wine bottle in the recycling bin, it hit me! Why not combine our two favourites in to one idea? It was then that I decided to build the first wooden wine bottle bird feeder. 

Our wooden wine bottle bird feeders are made by hand from recycled and sustainable wood, finished off with a natural twine rope, giving a rustic feel to fit in to any natural garden environment. 

Feeding birds in the UK is a popular activity which makes a huge positive impact, as natural habitats are becoming more and more under threat due to the increase of development in any green area. 

By providing supplementary foods from our wooden wine bottle bird feeder, especially during the harder months when food is more scarce, we are helping to alleviate the pressure on wild birds to find food. 

By using our wooden wine bottle bird feeder you are inviting wild birds in to your outdoor environment for your own pleasure but also hoepfully introducing the younger generation to the beauty of their natural environment and wildlife, helping them to realise a new outlook on their surroundings so that they too can love and appreciate them. 

When using any bird feeders please take care to clean them regularly keeping them free of bird droppings and mouldy food so as not to prevent wild birds from returning time after time. If you do not clean your bird feeder it may become a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites which would in turn harm the birds you are looking after by feeding. 

Another thing to keep in mind when using bird feeders is to carfeully monitor the amounts of food and put out only what is needed for a day or two and top up on a more regularly as and when the birds feed. 

Dimensions: H 40cm x W 12cm x D 20cm


Recycled sustainable wood


Natural rope twine

PLEASE NOTE: Although Gail and I would be more than happy to supply the recycled wine bottles, we are struggling to recycle them quickly enough for the demand of our bird feeders! We also feel by allowing you to provide your own wine bottles, we not only lessen the postage costs of the product but we give you the best excuse (ever) to open a good bottle of wine while you ponder on where to hang you new bird feeder! It is a pleasure!! 

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