The importance of bugs in the garden!

There are several bugs that we find in our gardens but not every bug is bad. There are some bugs like ladybugs, bees, etc. that kill pests and pollinate the garden. When your garden is attacked by pests, you panic and use a pesticide which is not only harmful for your own health but for your plants as well. That’s why it is extremely important to let the good bugs visit your garden to keep it healthy in an organic way.


The Good Bugs

Below is a list of good bugs that you should let in your garden.

Lady Bugs


Ground Beetles

Parasitic Wasps

Hover Flies

Predatory Bugs



Tachinid Flies

Honey Bees

Bumble Bees

Praying Mantises


Syrphid Flies


What Benefits do these Bugs Provide?

Garden pests sometimes get out of hand, which is why it is extremely important to put a stop to them. These pests eat plants and cause different diseases. However, using chemically manufactured products to control them is not always the solution. Take advantage of nature and attract good bugs to your garden and let the magic happen. Let’s have a look at the benefits that the good bugs provide.


Help in Pollination

Pollination is an important factor in growing good quality plants, fruits and vegetables. It is a process in which pollen is transferred from one flower to another, which is often called cross-pollination. With help of pollination, plants are able to grow seeds and fruit. Naturally, wind would spread pollen from one place to another. However, in most cases when a plant needs to be pollinated, it takes help from bees. If you have a vegetable and fruit garden then having pollinators is a must. Pollinators like honeybees and bumblebees are an essential source of pollination for fruits and vegetables. Butterflies, moths, beetles, ants, etc, are also pollinators.


Control Pest Population

There are certain good bugs that are responsible for bringing down the population of insect pests that harm plants the most. Parasitic wasps lay eggs on insects in their larvae stage, which keeps these harmful pests from harming the flowers and plants. These parasitoid wasps sting aphids and pest insects hiding inside flowers and plants. Tachinid Flies and Phorid Flies are other parasitoids that attack pest insects. Make sure you keep toxic substances away from parasitoids as they are the first ones to die, which will result in an unprotected garden.


Kill Garden Prey

Predatory garden insects like ladybugs, wasps, spiders, beetles, lacewings, centipedes, syrphid flies, dragon flies, and praying mantises are extremely important to keep your garden healthy. If you find any of these lurking around, do not disturb as they will kill all the prey insects in your garden. These predators quietly do their job of cleaning your garden of harmful pests.


To attract good bugs to your garden, you should endeavour to adopt organic gardening techniques. These bugs will keep your garden clean and help in the growth of your plants, fruits and vegetables. 

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